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Important E-Mail ID List

मन्‍दसौर जिले के महत्‍वपूर्ण कार्यालयों के E-Mail ID

District E-MAIL ID Directory
S.No.Office EmailGroup
1Collector and District magistrate[email protected]Collector Office
2SP Office[email protected]SP Office
3CEO, Zila Panchayat[email protected]Zila Panchayat
4DIO NIC[email protected]NIC
5Janpad Mandsaur[email protected]Janpad
6Janpad Sitamau[email protected]SDO
7Janpad Garoth[email protected]
8Janpad Malhargarhj[email protected]
9Janpad Bhanpura[email protected]
10SDO Sitamau[email protected]
11SDO Malhargarh[email protected]
12SDO Gatorh[email protected]
13SDO Mandsaur[email protected]
14Tehsil Mandsaur[email protected]Tehsil
15Tehsil Bhanpura[email protected]
16Tehsil Garoth[email protected]
17Tehsil Malhargarh[email protected]
18Tehsil Suwasra[email protected]
19Tehsil Shyamgarh[email protected]
20Tehsil Dalauda[email protected]
21Tehsil Sitamau[email protected]
22District Court[email protected]District Court
23CMHO[email protected]Other Department
24Deputy Director Agriculture[email protected]
25SLR[email protected]
26Food Office[email protected]
27District Registrar[email protected]
28District Planning Officer[email protected]
29EE PHED[email protected]
30GM Industries[email protected]
31District Education Officer[email protected]
32PHE[email protected]
33Panchayat & Social Welfare[email protected]
34PWD[email protected]
35Tribal Welfare[email protected]
36Women and Child development Officer[email protected]
37District Treasury[email protected]
38District Veterinary[email protected]
39DSP Sitamau[email protected]in
40Mandsaur mandi[email protected]Mandi
41Piplyamandi[email protected]
42Shamgargh[email protected]
43Suvsara  Mandi[email protected]
44Groth MandiSitamau[email protected]
45Garoth Mandi[email protected]
46Bhanpura Mandi[email protected]